Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Black moon, eclipse and what happened to the Rapture?

It's getting close, time's going way to fast but if you have any loose change I would love these earrings for my birthday.  You might as well buy me something before the Canberra Cnuts take more money from pensioners.  Remember old people saying not to put money in the bank or the taxman would grab it, well it's come true since idiots elected the biggest fraud party of all times.
I haven't completely caught up with the latest but it seems we are to be taxed on the NBN. This might be a rumour but I would bet they'd tax a turd if it hit the side of the porcelain bowl.
I keep getting calls from some woman who tells me if I don't hit the 1 button at the end of the call my NBN will be cut off which is strange because I'm not on NBN.  Anyway if it wasn't her but someone else who just rang, sorry I didn't answer you but I'm balanced on 3 legs of my chair because I broke the roller ball on the other leg last night and I'd just got it in the right place to use the computer.  Getting up will be a bit dodgy.  I blame Mercury retrograde and the full black moon and the whole of July for everything going wrong.  Like where is the other chair I could use and the pair of shoes I need for tomorrow.  They're lost in the house somewhere and I can't move anything because of the gas stove still sitting in my lounge.  Thank you Good Guys for making me pay up front for the installation.  

Please don't let anything go wrong with the TV tonight, Star Trek is on. It's a lot more glittery than the moon landing. I know exactly where I was when that boot left it's print, in a RADIO newsroom so yes, I'm old and a pensioner and I don't want a rocket to Mars using my money. I wasn't such a space nerd then so I just looked, meh, went back to work on a non electric typewriter.  I was more excited when Ballard hit the Titanic and there was that dainty little chandelier still hanging from the ceiling. We might have more information about the moon now but undersea exploration has hardly been touched  and we need to know what's down there not on some planet we might fly to one day.  All that space junk circling the earth is treasure we really could re-use so come on Richard Branson, start up re-cycling rocket company and bring back the gold floating in the black.
I've been trying to put up a post about the plastic junk in the sea which I blogged about years ago (ahead of the times I am) but those notes are also lost with the chair and the shoes. The gist of it is, how many tsunamis have put plastic in the oceans since 2000. I have two lists and I keep finding one and losing the other. Bloody Mercury. 


River said...

Next time you find one list, stick it to your fridge or to your computer, then when you find the other, staple them together or glue them side by side to a flat surface that you see everyday.
What's all this hoo-hah about taxing the NBN?
And why haven't they installed your stove yet?

Elephant's Child said...

It has been a bit like that lately hasn't it?
I love the earrings you selected. You may have misplaced a few things but your taste is still where it always was.

JahTeh said...

Now listen River, your new computer doesn't like my computer. Everytime I go there I'm completely lost and I used to be so lazy about bookmarks, I just used yours but first I have to find them now. I'll have to use Andrew's until I remember how to put them on my blog. I'm about to ring and find out why no-one has turned up or contacted me about the installation. I last rang on the 8th July and still nothing, hopefully a result today. Haven't read the news yet but I think it was something to do with taxing companies with NBN which would flow on to us. Isn't this like Andrew to go away when we need him to explain.

El Chi, haven't misplaced the notes, they're on the computer somewhere, I remember saving them when I ran out of printer ink. Trouble is I'm not supposed to sit for longer than an hour and by the time I read everybody and headlines, that's it. At least I did find the recipes I had for River. Instead of making zucchine slice, you put a big spoonful in a pie maker, no pastry or hot oven for summer, just 15 mins in the pie maker.
You did a great job on the frozen bubbles this year.

River said...

I'm so sorry to be causing you trouble. On my home page in the top left corner is a symbol like this = but with three lines not two and clicking on that brings up my reader list with everyone in it. I changed the site when I still had the old computer and I'm so used to it now I don't even think about it. Used to the new computer too.

Ann ODyne said...

Darling you are not alone, if that is any consolation. In my world, Mercury is always retrograde, as I can never find anything, & when I am searching, I always find the thing I was previously looking for. Those earrings are just gorgeous and I would get them for you, or I could send you any number of real mice, growing fat on all the seed my parrots kick out of their cage.
Try announcing your installation issue at twitter. you will definitely get a response.
love & good luck

Cheryl said...

Yes, yes and yes to your thoughts on space exploration and junk, ocean plastic pollution and the persistent and annoying robocall from parts unknown about the NBN, which we are still getting even though we are on the dont call register.I took a little time to get the cnuts re this government, cnuts describe them perfectly! The earrings you have chosen are just beautiful,I can imagine they would be a little out of my reach though.

JahTeh said...

River, just figured it out. My headers hide the bars which is why I can't access the blog list. And just when I worked out Twitter, they changed everything and I just sat here with my mouth hanging open. Facebook is still a mystery to me. I'm still trying to find my notes inside this machine but found photos hiding in the cloud. It's hard to concentrate in the cold and balancing on three wheels.

Annie O, we were both born under a black moon. When the installers come for the stove, I hope there are no mummified mice ready to fall on them. Don't talk about twitter, I can't even remember who I follow and they have dropped all my tweets and replies. I am happy to say I am now up to doing 3 things a day, small things but better than staring at the ceiling so breakdown seems to have been averted for the moment.

Cheryl, best thing to do with lovely jewellery is make a file and wait for the Chinese to copy them in glass. I have quite a lot of fakes and if one is a bit tacky, I take out the stones and store them for replacements. I found Twitter a bit depressing at the start but then found a brilliant thread on the Moon Landing about where did they put all the wee and poop. So now I cannot watch Neil Armstrong without sniggering, it's that small pause before giant leap for mankind because the pee sheath had slipped off and he jumped to the moon with a boot full of piss.
Now a woman would have thought of such stuff before working out if the engines would work.

Ann ODyne said...

Just when I started to enjoy Pinterest they changed it so I wandered away to Twitter.
& Just when we worked out Twitter they ruined it. Last week Phillip Adams retweeted one of mine I was so chuffed by that. He probably doesn't like the new style either. The microchip generation is just longing for we boomers to die out so they can start barcoding babes as they're born.
In other news I saw a film last week I commend to everyone. The Ben Blackadder Elton script of All Is True about Shakespeare is a joy. Poor Bill gets no respect when he returns to Dame Judi Hathaway's HUGE 'cottage' after his Globe burned down and he never wrote another play. All Is True was his 1st title for last play Henry VII? & Ben Elton made up this whole film because nobody knows much at all about The Bard. He wasn't on social networking.
Keep warm kids.

JahTeh said...

Keep warm, I've nearly broken my left hip or bum so sitting is hurting and getting up is worse. Cat won't get on table to eat so I'm lowering his food dish by rope. Fuck pain.