Sunday, August 18, 2019

Into the past to look at the future

And we all laughed didn't we.
And now it's goodbye Epstein.
And nobody witnessed the deed.
Rack off CIA, MI6 calls it in. 


River said...

"Just make it look like an accident..." wishful thinking eh?
Epstein? I heard someone by that name had died, but don't know who he is. I should probably read the paper instead of skipping straight to the crosswords and comics page.

River said...

Have I scared off all the other commenters? I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, please come back.

Beth Waltz said...

We fans of HRM and her spectacular collection of wearable rocks were entertained by her selection of the Burmese ruby parure as adornment/protection for the State Banquet attended by the POTUS. (They're supposed to repel demons.) Never mind 007, shouldn't wonder if she had a Gurka or two stashed strategically in those enormous floral arrangements. Those lads run silently indeed...