Sunday, November 24, 2019

It's been that kind of week

I love this Catmas Tree.  The Ice Bear is at the bottom although he hasn't looked this awake for days. It's a happy happy picture until someone grabs a bauble.

I have a slight problem with a real tree.  After the hot day and the change and the wind, a branch broke in the middle of all the other branches and the only thing holding it off the ground is the tree next to it.  So being a smartie I thought I could sit in the chair and pull it towards me and cut the branches bit by bit until I realized that on the other side the branches were very much too close to 3 wires included electricity. If the wind changes then those wires will really be whacked around.  I'll ring AGL tomorrow because I don't want any neighbours getting fried. The main branch has rotted right in the middle and I couldn't move it an inch. I'm worried most about the big dead dried one that has spread out in spindly dry bits and the wind is really whipping those around.

If the lights go out I'll know why.  At least it didn't happen last night in the middle of The Last Jedi.  I hadn't seen this movie, don't ask why as I've seen every other Star War movie. I don't remember it at all.  I put it down to mother, she must have been having an episode when it was released but usually I would have bought the dvd and watched it.  I just don't remember the film at all.  And the last Star Wars is due out in December, I'd go, Gold Class but I couldn't stand the kids everywhere and I'd bawl my eyes out if it's a sad ending. I've avoided all the trailers so far.

There are sounds behind me, it's alive, yes 4.41, the stomach has awoken. Fancy Feast has changed their recipe and he is not happy and fortunately he doesn't like the very expensive stuff.  He also doesn't like his new tray. Very expensive, like the food, stainless steel and wood but shiney, he thinks another cat is trying to steal the food. He's exhausting, how did I manage 4 cats and 3 dogs and 2 kids, I can't even think about those days. Everytime I see a family on tv I go into shock.  I was meant to be selfish or have servants. 


Elephant's Child said...

I think your last sentence applies to lots of us.
We are having tree surgeons visit this week, both to clear the electricity lines and to prevent dead bits crashing down on the house. And the evaporative cooler is unwell, so that is also on the agenda. Sigh.

Beth Waltz said...

A delightful catmas tree, indeed! Dear JahTeh, we who cohabit with felines can too easily imagine what comes next...

Once upon a time I joined a [insert proper plural for a number of retired lady teachers, which I am not] in a holiday visit to one of their own, who enjoyed life in a flat with her cat. We were admiring her Xmas tree adorned with 234 handmade ornaments, when we noticed the tree was swaying to and fro from the bottom. ?! Closer inspection revealed the tree had no attachment to the floor, but was hanging from a hook originally intended for a swag light. Her cat, Eureka, preferred this arrangement.

Anonymous said...

As wonderful as trees are, they can be very troublesome at times. What were you thinking trying to remove it yourself! I am looking forward to seeing the movie The Good Liar, and there is nothing to make out of that.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I rang AGL this morning and I have to get a tree lopper in but the last one cost me every cent I'd saved up. I'll ring my mower man to have a look at it.

Beth, I love that swaying tree but only because the Bear is so lazy with an attention span of a goldfish that I wouldn't have to worry about any broken baubles.

Andrew, I didn't know how big it was in the centre and I tend to forget how old I am now like you not knowing how big your backside is. Two dressing gowns, two small.
Give the balloonists a thrill, walk as nature intended and you could post photos.

River said...

"I was meant to be selfish or have servants"
I recently asked my youngest "what is the most important thing about housekeeping?"
He said, "Have enough butlers."

LOVE the Catmas tree :)

What's this about a new Star Wars movie in December?? I thought they were finished making them, there's eight already.

I hope the broken tree is safely removed soon.

JahTeh said...

River, It's the Rise of Skywalker and starts on the 19th Dec. And I found my Last Jedi dvd, bought in May last year, so looked up my diary and an awful lot of blank pages in May, going ahead I picked up that I'd fallen badly, might be the fall that put the hole in the wall. I never take the cellophane off a dvd until I'm ready to watch it but I did this time but I know I didn't watch it. It must have been a bad time and If I remember it was really cold during June and July last year.

Cheryl said...

I enjoy reading your blog but haven't commented often, you can see the humour in just about every situation.
I wonder at times how I fitted everything into a day when I worked.
The Catmas tree is gorgeous and a lot less trouble than putting up a tree either real or artificial. I put out my tabletop tree and I feel I've achieved something.

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling Coppy, despite your travails that is the most wonderful blogpost.
I do hope though that you have NOT TRIED to remedy the tree situation yourself.
Falls Risk is what we are. Powercor have this ad on TV saying they know when there is a problem and come ASAP, so do not fret about your neighbours ..
tell the neighbs how worried you are about their possible power issue
then they can go to it in their own interests.

"The most common Christmas tree-related injuries to cats come from them chewing on decorations. "Cats either swallow the string from the baubles or chew on the tinsel "
just put this
(cats in christmas trees)
into Search. You will chortle, it's wonderful.

JahTeh said...

Annie, I walked through yesterday and there on my Laura Ashley arm chair was the Bear with one claw caught in the fabric. All he had to do was raise his paw 1mm and he was free, waited for me to lift him up and went back to sleep.