Wednesday, February 05, 2020

How could I lose a bedroom?

Now I thought this would suit Annie O'Dyne although the Cheval mirror will have to go. The last thing we need first thing in the morning is a mirror especially one that big.
Plenty of chairs for you to stagger from one to the other.
A early morning tea table with room for a computer will be rolled in first thing.
Matching chair below hides a secret so let's just say you won't have to stagger on two sticks in the middle of the night looking for the ensuite. 

Now, River, I have to disappoint you with the teal colour, I've searched everywhere but cannot locate that bedroom.
I think this will do just beautifully, it has a matching Lola chair where she will be so comfortable.
No chandelier but isn't that panel in the ceiling just divine and there are chandeliers either side for book reading.
I think I would love waking up here although I would need a much larger bed, a lot of me would be hanging over the edges of this sweet bed.


Elephant's Child said...

Both are spectacular - but where are the bookcases?

Beth Waltz said...

Good heavens, dear JahTeh, that is a very elegant close stool! One can only imagine the elaborate floral design adorning the ceramic vessel concealed therein...

River said...

The panel in the ceiling IS gorgeous and I love the Lola chair which is a good thing because I'd probably have to sleep in it after she steals my spot in the bed.
I lost a whole bedroom just by moving here. Had two in the previous home, only one here.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, of course, the books. They're in the library, a bit like Hogwarts, just stand at the door and ask and the chosen one will appear.

Beth, only the best for our Annie. I mean if you have to have one it might as well be as luxurious as possible. I just hope she remembers it's the chair not the vanity stool or the shoe bench at the bottom of the bed or the lux couch along the wall.

River, the size of the room, it's enormous which reminds me, you're short so I will have steps made for the bed.

Ann ODyne said...

"I just hope she remembers it's the chair not the vanity stool or the shoe bench at the bottom of the bed or the lux couch along the wall."
you are a very droll lady Ms Coppy & sneaky too with gorgeous Gryffud the Welsh wonder stashed in your penthouse
Love all the sparkly silver & the wine colorcombo thank you & that killer rug.
I note that River go butterfly robe handles

JahTeh said...

Another series of 'Harrow' is due this year so I suppose I'll have to let him go for the publicity.
I was waiting for Andrew to say they were bats. I knew you would love that bedroom. I've discovered Pinterest is good for calming the tweeting nerves. Of course animals are welcome, would Lily prefer a white or black BMW?

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