Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Visit Qld, don't stay

I just adore this dress and this colour, it's me, totally me.

Now that we've had the eye candy, I'll tell you about my sister who is becoming quite the Queenslander, in other words, dumb, cuckoo, twit, bogan even.
She rang last week and wanted to know if I'd been to the solicitor yet, no, not until I work out what has to be changed.  She wanted me to put a note in my will saying that she did not want a funeral when she passed. You do get this, my will, her non funeral. I told her to go to the Post Office and buy a will form and do it herself.  Not only that but she wants her ashes sprinkled in the creek she played in at Ferntree Gully.  By this time I'd lost the will to live let alone sprinkle bloody ashes. Is she getting someone to bring them down from Qld or posting them? Am I supposed to get someone with a car to go there since I don't drive and doesn't she remember she has a son. I may have another 20 or 30 years before I have to worry and I won't be thinking about her getting to the big beyond before me. The only reason I'm going to my solicitor is that bit about being sound of mind and he can testify it for this week at least. The body is falling apart but it's the sound of mind bit you have to get right.  I can just see her will now, no funeral, ashes to be scattered and I leave my collection of genuine Queensland worn out rubber thongs to my sister.


Elephant's Child said...

That is a really lovely dress - and doesn't demand that the wearer is an anorexic either.
Sigh at your sister. The sun does seem to have addled her thinking.

Anonymous said...

Old thongs....just terrific.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, that's the first thing I thought of, not a skinny beanpole but I just love that colour but I'll need a maid for the dress. It looks a bit complicated to arrange around the body.
My sister is nuts, I'm sure.

Andrew, I can read you like a book, not those kind of old thongs.

River said...

The dress is gorgeous, but doesn't look like it would survive a spin in the washing machine, and my motto is: if it won't wash, don't buy it.
I think your sister should get her own will sorted, not leave it to you.

JahTeh said...

River, I would not have just one dress but several so washing would not be for some time.
Sister is bonkers, it's the sun in Queensland.

Beth Waltz said...

Glorious color -- and I daresay that fabric rustles! It's the sort of dress one buys to hang on the wall as textile art.

My niece-the-attorney toured the clan a few years back, demanding that all adults have in place a will, a power-of-attorney, and a medical rep form. She specified that the will be a simple one-pager, and that itemized bequests (who gets the yellow vase?) be listed in a separate letter of instructions addressed to her. Everybody was to make their final arrangements and provide her with the facility's business card. This year she announced everybody was to put in the box a current list of online accounts and passwords. Or else.

Or else? When one of us drops off the twig (or worse, becomes incapacitated) she will send flowers. Nothing "else", just flowers. Methinks she has encountered incarnations of your sister in her practice.

River said...

@Beth Waltz; and what happens if she collects all this information then is the first to "drop off the twig"?

JahTeh said...

Fortunately my friend from Tassie was happy to be executor and she is taking the furniture that means a lot to me. I'm giving my jewellery to the girls now as they are old enough to keep their mother's greedy paws off it. I'm not dividing it, they can share and wear or sell it. Friend is also taking fashion and jewell books, the really big reference ones and the contents of the lace cupboard which she's never seen since we could never get across the room to open it.
The most important is medical PoA because it has to be in writing if you want to be an organ donar, probably nothing will be of use but I have a rare blood group and that can be used for research.
Beth you wouldn't even get flowers from me, too expensive these days. The only reason mum had such a huge display was that I promised her and I did everything I promised.

Beth Waltz said...

Good question, River. We each have a regulation fireproof box at home, clearly labeled, "Here are THE PAPERS." Niece says bank boxes are for cash, jewelry, vehicle titles and deeds, not the papers she would need to move things along. She and her husband have built a family law practice with "juniors" who can provide a continuum of service. They're hired by executors who find the settlement process more complicated than anticipated -- and by families who realize that an elder is making a will that will cause Trouble (hence the simple will, and the letter in the envelope that can be changed weekly and without additional charge).

Helen Balcony said...

Hey Coppy, just been up to QLD having never spent more than a week there, we tiptoed around for a day or two terrified of all the LNP/One nation voters but by the end we had relaxed a bit

JahTeh said...

Balcony, it's the bats you have to watch, they carry the virus that killed all those lovely horses. During the fires they just fell dead from the trees, heat and smoke.
Up there you only have to watch the old codgers, the Pauline worshippers. I have a photo, I must post it.