Monday, September 14, 2020

Just one more before they grow too much

 Clio looks like she can handle a spoon but Rylee thinks hands are faster.  Jobs are tough to find in Queensland like everywhere else but I would never like to see these two in danger because of Covid-19.

Colour me happy because I managed to do another self hair cut with no ears snipped and it is now my proper shade of red instead of half white, half red and looking like a stand up cockatoo crest.  Still having trouble with shoes though and I can't break my shoe horn because I can't get out to buy another half dozen. I've found it's easier to buy them in bulk.

The Covid lockdown in Melbourne is easing a bit. I can nominate one person to visit me and the curfew has been extended for another hour.  Dan Andrews has suggested for cafes to have tables on the footpath with car parking space being the new footpath. Some streets in the City might be closed and I am just waiting for the first person to start whinging about that. The Council rates are in and now I must remember that payment is on the last day of the month not the first day as it was last year.  I have postal notes all over the computer to remind me.

I'm now going to treat myself with strong black coffee with marshmallows on top. I can live without cafe coffee but probably not muffins.


Elephant's Child said...

They are super cute.
Congratulations on the hair front.
Have you decided who your 'one person' will be?

Anonymous said...

No hon. I am not bubbling with you and I know what would happen if you bubbled with R. I can't bubble anyway.
Lovely photo.
I had my hair cut the day before lockdown. My hair feels a bit weird now. R needs to mentally prepare himself for a haircut and wasn't ready before lockdown. He is now looking very wild and woolly.
Yes, there will be businesses whingeing about the lack of on street parking, without actually finding out how the majority of their customers get to their business, foot and public transport.

River said...

Your Grandies are so adorably cute :)
Didn't you have long hair that didn't need cutting? When did you go short?
I have a spare shoe horn that came with a pair of shoes and I don't need it so I'll send it over.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, every one I know is too far away except for Andrew and he won't let me near R in case I steal him. I was please with the hair cut but more the hair dye, I felt 10 years younger.

Andrew, you are so greedy with R and I love the idea of him looking wild and woolly.
It probably will work in the suburbs but until people are back working in the city I can't see how many people will turn up. I don't know if they kept working on the Frankston line going underground but before Covid, they had to crowd on buses. I don't think I could handle crowds just yet.

River, I went short when Mum was still in the nursing home and really pleased with it but didn't get to the hairdresser before the 2nd lockdown so I was getting very haggard looking.
Don't send anything that isn't at least a whole leg size, bending down to shove my feet into shoes would see me flat on my face so I sit down and use the long long shoe horn.