Friday, April 20, 2007


You lovely people know how well I handle stress and by the choc wrappers surrounding the computer, I'm handling it less well than usual.

Mum is going to respite care for two weeks. As the soothing girl said at the centre, the respite is for carers and to enjoy. I will, if I live to the 7th of May.

I left home at 10 this morning and got home at 5.30. Papers to the doctor's at Hampton, bills to pay at Westfield, the homestead to get Mum to sign the admission form, walk home to post the form and more papers for medication to the Pharmacy. Thank you dear neighbour who saw me staggering towards home and stopped at the corner.

It has been stress to the max with herself, agressive "You're not blackmailing me out of my home!" to sweetness and light "I might just go for a day or two for a trial." That's not what she told Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma. Jesus hates crumpets, fancy trying to talk sense to those two beetches. Aunt Selma hasn't seen her twin for l6 months and Aunt Patty's family would shove her in a nursing home if they were sure she'd be poisoned. Mum told Aunt Patty that she cried all Sunday night because we were doing this which was very clairvoyant of her since the drama started Monday* and the decision was made on Tuesday.

So it's signed, sealed and posted. My sister has already won a third of the money needed, on the horses and if the useless nag today hadn't got its head stuck in the starting gate probably would have had the lot. I get to label every single item that goes to the hostel. Would someone please tell me how to label teeth?

She's starting to be a bit happier now that I have marked in big letters the day she comes home. The other thing is that a neighbour of 50 years has recently moved into the hostel on a permanent basis and loves it so they're looking forward to chats about old times. The hostel is set in a beautiful garden and only 20 minutes from here. She'll have a phone in the room and if there's no TV, we'll take hers so she can sleep through the programmes just like home.

I would say Yippee, party time, break out the booze but I'm too bloody tired.

*Monday, can't read her book, that's because she's opened a DVD cover and is trying to read the DVD. Has put the washing on but I've already done it, I turn off the dryer that is going with nothing in it. Is putting the dishes in the dishwasher and telling nephew he shouldn't be in the kitchen so late in the morning, it is 6pm at night and he is cooking her tea. I know we all do stupid things like this but not on the same day.


Stegetronium said...

Yes all the diet books say, 'find another way to reward yourself or cheer yourself up' but really, what else is there once you remove chocolate?

JahTeh said...

Thank you mikhela, the voice of sanity. I did lose a bit l33.1 form l33.4 which isn't great but none put on. I couldn't think of anything worse than a 5km run as a reward.

Meredith Jones said...

I know I'm meant to be Jillian, but diet be damned! You deserve a gorgeous gigolo bearing champagne & chocolate truffles.

JahTeh said...

Meredith I try not to blog about Mum and nuttiness but this week has been way over the top. I just felt that talking badly about us to the relo's was disloyal even if she doesn't know what she's doing but in this case, she did.

We aren't designed to be parents to our parents. It takes a whopping big mind shift to be that.

Ampersand Duck said...

Exactly. You make the most of this break -- it'll go faster than you think.

Ron said...

"I couldn't think of anything worse than a 5km run as a reward."

Two years ago next August, I started walking daily, just short distances to start with. By January I had lost 30 kilos and had got up 15 kms a day.

I actually did start rewarding myself with extra walks such as a 10km hike on Sundays in the nearby national park. The idea of chocolate or an eclair as a reward just no longer entered the equation.

I think it is a matter of habit and changing your way of thinking.

Now that the preachy bit is over, I missed a day of walking a year ago because it was too hotm then it became two days ... then I lost the habit of walking and have put the 30kg back on with a tad extra (I'm sure it's true that every time one diets and fails, there is an added weight gain).

Now I must start walking again ...

(It's a definite fact: as I mentioned at Andrew's, the word verification on blogger never works the first time. I hate it!!!!)

JahTeh said...

&Duck, I feel as though I'll just be getting out of bed and two weeks will be gone.

Ron, if I work towards a reward on pay day, I stick to it much better.
I know buying a book would last longer but it doesn't taste the same as chocolate or a nice big cake. I haven't had a cappuccino since I started, black or nothing.
Word verification locks me out on my own blog but it seems to go in cycles. Davo got some wonderful spam selling pot and bongs.

Lord Sedgwick said...


but like the song says, me little luvly ...

"Up and away
In my beautiful
My beautiful balloon"

BwcaBrownie said...

Ron said: (It's a definite fact: as I mentioned at Andrew's, the word verification on blogger never works the first time. I hate it!!!!)

and I have the same experience.
I key it in correctly and computer says "nO-o-o-o"

now I forgot what I came here to say ...

enter the letters as they are shown in the image

Lord Sedgwick said...

Word verification.



No sorry punters, like Today Tonight and A Current Affair, I made that up.

Like Sid James said, "Carry on"

JahTeh said...

Lord Sedgwick as the divine drag queen "Flange Desire", has a very nice ring to it.

Now there's a new twist, Brownie. After trying for the second time to post a comment and pressing 'back', the page has expired.