Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday was a bad day for train travel. It was bad for passengers and not made any better for relatives and family by cameras filming the arrival of the badly injured at airports. It wasn't necessary for cameras to linger as long as they did and then to make it worse the TV stations used the same images in news promos throught the early part of the evening.

There was some excitement in my neck of the woods when I walked to Mum's yesterday. Sirens, police cars and the police helicopter hovering very low. The girls in the pharmacy told me they had watched a car trying to elude police down Warrigal Road but it looks like I'll have to wait for the local paper to find out what that was about. The rest of the news after the crashed train was taken up with Paris Hilton and footballers.

Did anything good happen? Yes, if you count watching a bank of cloud coming across the bay and hitting the warmer air over land which caused it to rear up like a wave hitting the beach. It was almost as good as last week when the wind was coming from different directions, differing speeds and various levels. I could have sworn I saw a lenticular cloud build up just for a few minutes. It's been very cold for the past couple of nights but worth leaving the drapes open to watch the full moon move across the window behind my computer.

Any other good happenings? The Waterlily Camelia survived the summer and is flowering. The lemon tree, likewise and is loaded with fruit. The lime tree has flowers but the grapefruits looks like it might take another 6 months to recover. It's branch cutting season and I tried to prune but while the mind is willing the body is not. I'll wait for the mower man.


R.H. said...

You missed Savers half-price sale. It was lunacy, coat hangers flying everywhere. An old bloke lay out on the footpath, flat on his back, collapsed. He had a Savers blanket over him ($4.99). Miss Jahteh I can't stop buying stuff, and I'm overweight as well, but I'm hungry, hungry, hungry. Miss Jahteh. Grabbing anything now.


Ann ODyne said...

(isn't RH fabulous !?)

The MSMedia seem to be worse than ever.
They are completely responsible for creating the mess that is Paris, and having done that, are now the vultures on the carcase.
They LOVE big crashes. It's all grist to their mill.

Anybody who is filmed while on a stretcher should be able to sue for damages.

JahTeh said...

Rh, I know what it's like. This time of year I have laybys all over the place and I can't resist the 'buy two' and pick five of the free gifts. I can't help it when this old face desperately needs Clarins soothing creams.

Bwca, really bad when my sister can tell what's wrong from the position on the trolley.

Link said...

Bloody satellite ate my comment.

R.H. said...

Miss Brownie, you'll ridicule me once too often, and I'll write rude poem about you...

And publish it!


Middle Child said...

I agree with bwca. So many years ago when Don had his accident they filmed the ambo's lifting him into the air ambulance...I was 28 and thick and distraught and thought this was the last time I would see him as had to make my own way from port Macquarie to Sydney...and those sick bloody lens were pointed right at us... so anyone who is filmed on a stretcher should sue.

Once the news was read out without editorial but that was in the days when dignity seemed to have a value.

The "news" is trash for trash minds these days

JahTeh said...

Rh, I got a rainbow lustre Martini glass off the odment table for $2, colour me happy.

In that case Link, I won't ask how the satellite dish is working out but it makes a change from blogger chewing things up.

MC, I agree with you, there is no need for it. The view of the train from the helicopter showed how bad it was and that was enough. A few American-type litigations against news services would do it.

Anonymous said...

We need five lemons and one lime per week. Will pay postage.

JahTeh said...

There's only five ripe ones there for the moment. If I remember you have a balcony and I'm sure I read that they've developed miniature lemon trees for them. I'm just glad the tree survived the summer since I was rarely home at the time to water it.

Ann ODyne said...

Because Coppy thinks Bwca hasn't been here, I'm just swinging by on Monday night to check my comment of 6th June, and I AM pleased to see the gang's all here in fine form.
Love to you all.