Sunday, June 28, 2015

Full Moon July 2nd

Okay, mother really bad this time.
She had a shower last week and they had to rush her back to bed and oxygen.
This is the longest time she has spent in bed at the Home and she says she's not getting up until she feels better.
This from WonderWoman who would not stay in bed for anything and demanded a shower every day.
She's back on Penicillan injections (sp?), oxygen, big purple antibiotics, patches over her heart and oxygen.
The coughing up of bits of lung into the phone was enough to keep me away without her telling me to stay home in case I caught it. 
I don't think I'll catch what she has.

I'll be back whenever.  Thank goodness I have anti-depressant ice-creams in the freezer.


Elephant's Child said...

Mainline those anti-depressant icecreams. And follow them with a chocolate chaser.

Frances said...

Dying seems so bloody difficult. Surely it shouldn't be like this?
(Channels Titus Oates, to walk out into the snow).

R.H. said...

Greetings. I've changed from the piano to a Yamaha organ, moving my life to a new lavel. Spanish Eyes this evening, for mother. Later I'll be playing Lara's Theme, just for you.

Of anglo appearance.

River said...

I'm reminded of something my mum once said about dying: "God doesn't want me and neither does the Devil, so I'll be here forever".

R.H. said...

Here's a sticker I saw on a rusted car in a wrecker's yard: "Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell is afraid I'll take over."

Ozymandias at Sunshine wreckers

JahTeh said...

Thank you all.
Another heart turn this morning and now on oxygen.
She slept this afternoon and talked a lot but she wasn't talking to me.
Back to sleeping with the mobile beside the bed, I promised to go if she needed me during the night.
I have a big mouth and four magnums in the freezer.

Fen said...

I feel like icecream now and I have none!
Big cuddles x

Ann ODyne said...

definitely a four-magnum situation. hugs from me too

JahTeh said...

Fenstar, the trick of tranquilizer ice-creams is to buy at least six, stand back and throw them in the freezer without looking. One is bound to crawl its way to a corner just waiting to be found in a crisis.

Annie O, believe me this was a sixer.