Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I'm going to bed and sleep for an hour

Mother again always Mother but she's not whining about pain just for sympathy.  I know the details and it's real pain and it shouldn't be happening but it is and I could hear it in her voice last night.  She didn't want to take Endone, a slow release painkiller because she might get addicted to it.  If you're in pain, it stops the pain and you stop taking it when the pain stops and by this time I'm hitting myself with the phone but she said she would because it's been a bad day and she really needs a night's sleep.  I rang the nurses station and explained so a real nurse gave the old girl her 10 pm medication with one extra slipped in.  They had to wake her at midnight to give her the other pill which lets her sleep the rest of the night.  She said this morning that even though she was asleep she had the feeling that someone was always  checking her.  She was right and I'm very glad for the two ladies who did that, properly trained nurses  who knew how to do it without too much disturbance.  Between the cat not coming in the door because he was playing with leaves and me expecting a phone call, I didn't get much sleep.

To everybody I owe an email to, they're coming also Christmas presents are almost ready.  Annie O, don't give me that I don't need a present, you're getting it.  You know what's more annoying than standing on lego, putting a foot on a little speed racer with wheels.  They must be weight tested.  I finally found River's gift in Elephant's Child's parcel, I can be too careful at not losing small things at times.

I wish I could insert here a home movie but I don't carry my camera around the house in case it takes shots of the mess.  I was just dozing off sitting in my chair when there was a riot go off at the back door.  What happens when a dumb dove meets a dumb cat with only a curtain between them, WW3 that's what.  Great flapping of wings and cat growlings, ripping of curtains but I managed to foot the Bear away and shepherd the dove towards the open door.  Freedom and it took off running so did the Bear but the dove gained height and the Bear gained the fence.  He's such an idiot of a cat. But I was surprised at how big the dove was and how strong. I should have left them go and let the best nong win.
I have found out the birds who have been eating the oranges and leaving the spherical shells all over the yard.  Those rotten Indian Mynah birds, they have long sharp beaks with small heads and once they get going they can get right inside the oranges. I watched two of them demolish two oranges in 10 minutes yesterday.  The possums have denuded the mandarin tree and it was a good crop this year.  The wormy apple tree is still feeding parrots and when they fall from the tree, the blackbirds run in and grab the worms inside.   One afternoon, hardly a breeze and just warm enough to enjoy the sun, I sat out with the Bear (I protect him from the birds) and counted six different birds in the tree and a family of magpies on the ground.  The blackbird has a nest in the lemon tree and two doors down is an enormous Norfolk Pine full of Ravens.  The one bird we have never had here are sparrows.

Well,  miles to go before I sleep, it's bin day and I am still sneaking videos in both bins.  We have inspectors around here who check the recycling bin and I'll be fined for this.  Sneak them in layers of paper.  Perhaps a cup of tea first and a sit down.  And thank you Barnaby for explaining that Preggers was not your partner at that time, back handed compliment, but was only a f--k buddy.   Well we've been saying for years you never thought with your head and now Karma has proved us right.  To your lovely wife, remember what Ivana Trump said, "don't get even, get everything".


River said...

"Don't get even, get everything" sounds great, but when your tomcatting husband has nothing, literally, you're on your own. Well, I was anyway.
I'm so glad Mother got the painkiller and a good night's sleep, now all we need is for you to get a good nights sleep. Preferably two. Bird watching might relax you enough to drop off. To sleep that is, not off the perch.
I'm glad you posted, I've been wondering how you are and keep meaning to email and put it off until later then of course I forget. Can't you drop the movies into a Vinnie's bin and let them sort out what to do with them? Pass the buck, like politicians do.

Andrew said...

Bone Doctor says Mother's addiction to painkillers is not a problem at her age, but the effects of the painkillers do cause her problems. Wise words by Mrs Trump, but even wiser words by River.

Jayne said...

Good to see/hear from you again, missed your posts.
As River said, drop the videos into a Vinnes bin, you'd be surprised at how people are collecting them now, apparently some twits haunt op shops for them.
Love watching birds, so relaxing, and thank you for identifying who is peeling my oranges!
The Bonking Beetroot is proof that cockroaches can survive even a nuclear attack.

Beth Waltz said...

I've sat in that chair by the bed many nights. My parents nudged 90 together in a nursing facility. During one of their many crisis, a wise old nurse ordered me to go home and sleep while they were comfortable and stable: "There is nothing for you to do here but get a strained neck sleeping in that chair..." Do, please, take advantage of your mum having two caring, competent nurses now and sleep while you can.

R.H. said...

Sorry about mother, things ticking along nicely here, quite a star in Ballarat, own two houses here now.

Quietly flamboyant.

Ann ODyne said...

from me, everything that everybody above said [except RH]
I failed to catch the outward mail at 10 AM today with my parcel for you so there we go [or not]. Had the 'big animal' vet out to Green Acres because Lilygoat snapped a horn off at her head. she's OK now but I'm a mess.

Re medications: bigpharma don't want us waking up to the fact that a bad back is resistant to all their costly products that wreck your guts, so 2018 is my Year Of The Drink.
love from the bush further west than RH is

JahTeh said...

River, Vinnie's and the Salvos are extremely fussy about what they will take so the bin it is. Never trust men especially the married ones, look at Barnaby, no don't look, your blood pressure is not good enough for that.

Andrew, without the painkillers it would be elder abuse but some doctors still carry on about giving relief to the oldies.

Jayne, I couldn't work out how the skins could be left in one piece, so it was a real Attenborough moment watching the Mynahs do their work. The Bonking Beetroot has been replaced by a homophobic vile mongrel who has shifty eyes, pretty much like the rest of the LNP.

Beth, it would be nice but the way our nursing homes are used as piggy banks by ruthless companies means that staff is not trained properly and Registered Nurses are overworked til they drop. I've dropped my visiting to twice a week because she sees more people than I do and her doctor is a treasure who visits every wednesday.
I ring in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon if she's not well. Been doing this nursing home thing for a decade now, gone straight from 59 to 70.

Robbert, you filthy Capitalist, two houses!!! Next thing will be head of Ballarat Society and wearing your Salvo's Tuxedo.

Annie, was she trying to round up sheep at the time?
2018 your year of the drink, bwahahahahahha, you forget how long I've known you.
Still Hemmingway wrote his memoirs boozed to the gills so you should have no trouble doing the same.
Wrapping my hands around a cold tub of ice-cream is much better than taking pills.