Wednesday, August 07, 2019

One leg and one stick and 3 wheels on a chair

So you can imagine what a whole Parliament can do to one's delicate constitution. Vile, evil bunch of snouts in trough, repugnant to look at and brain blowing to listen to.
AND I ONLY GOT ONE CARD FOR MY BIRTHDAY and an email from my Harry Potter club.

Leg is getting better, down to leaning on one stick and sometimes walking without. Swearing and snivelling is down several notches. At least I didn't break anything just scrambled whatever holds me up but I still haven't been out of the house, can't get down the steps or up the steps.  Stop laughing, just think how many things you can't do standing on one leg while the other is screaming 'don't hurt me'.
And it would be this time to have a wheel break on the computer chair. So in the great Karmic tradition, I'm sitting here making up a fourth leg on a chair. 

Time for bed and painkillers.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope bed and painkillers helped.

JahTeh said...

So did your birthday email. Nothing helped last night, it was one of those hot and cold nights so throw the rug off then pull it back on, get comfy and need a pee. I hate those nights. I don't begrudge you the cold Canberra nights.

River said...

My chin is on my chest, my head hanging in shame. You even dropped hints and I STILL forgot to send you a birthday card. I am so sorry. I shall do penance. No chocolate. For at least a day.
I feel awful that you can't get out of the house, you need a ramp and a wheel chair instead of the steps. To have a wheel break off your computer chair on top of everything else is just too much. I hope the coming days treat you better.

JahTeh said...

River, I won't be leaving the house for the next week given the foul weather we are expecting. I would never have you give up chocolate, then I would have to do penance.
Ramps are too expensive but I'll have the nephew see if he can get two rails for me and concrete them in. I have the heater on in the bathroom to warm it for a shower even if it's for 2 minutes and I'll be careful getting up the 5 inch step there.

JahTeh said...

Big claps for me, I had my first shower in weeks last night. I hung a towell over the shower frame and swung in landing on my good leg. I am a genius and clean.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, the prospect of doing without showers and soaking in a sudsy tub is one of my many good reasons for avoiding knee replacement surgery. Yes, I can do the soldier-bathes-in-a-helmet-of-hot-water ritual and I've used the packs of wipes in my bug-out bag. It is not the same. So very glad you're a clean genius now!

About the ramps -- do you have big box home improvement shops in your area? Some supply large flat ramps to yard care crews that are semi-portable. They're sturdy enough to enable the transfer of heavy rolling equipment, yet designed to be moved and secured by two men. Friends have used them to accommodate visitors using wheel-chairs and walkers. They're much cheaper than solid ramps and obviously easier to remove without damage to the property.

Beth Waltz said...

Quick note: An American company that sells the "modular XP ramp system...offering access up to 5 steps, 60" is PVI at Perhaps you can find something similar?

Cheryl said...

Dear Jah Teh so good that you worked out a way to have a shower however brief, always makes me feel better. In my state NSW we have community health who make home visits to assist people at home with injuries or illness. Maybe there is something similar where you live.I hope your injury heals quickly,and you feel better very soon

JahTeh said...

Beth, it wouldn't make a difference as it was my whole weight going down on one leg without my arms taking some of the strain. I'll be seeing the nephew about a rail being bolted to the side of the steps.

Cheryl, I couldn't get in the shower, it's about a 4 or 5 inch step up but the swinging towell worked quite well. It is getting better thank goodness.