Sunday, January 10, 2021

10 days and 2021 is raging

 Not even a fortnight into 2021 and I'm ready to build a bunker in the back yard, mostly for the cat. We have had fireworks but I forgot the Day for Dickheads when we waste money Australia hasn't got.

The cat's been having a bad time. Nearly killed himself yesterday by crawling into a king size doona cover, not being able to find his way out, panic. I could hear a tiny meow of fear, looked everywhere and wondered if he had gone out in the heat and was stressed. Then I saw the cover move. I could not find the open end, because he had rolled the damn thing into a ball and it was a matter of trying to straighten it flat with the lump still not helping. By the time he staggered out he was distressed and drank nearly a bowl of water.

It didn't help that I accidentally stood on his tail later on.

I will be glad when the 20th is over and maybe Biden can get on with the job of making America human again. And why are Australians in the Liberal Party going on about how great the Mad Mango still is. They haven't done a thing for poor people in this country. Scummo is on holidays again so he hasn't pulled his party into line. What a surprise!

Dan Andrews cut his holidays short, Albanese, one car crash, couple of days in hospital and he's back on the job. 

Boris seems intent on killing most of Britain without having a war. I have a wonderful vision of Queen Liz complete with ceremonial (just sharpened) sword standing at the door of 10 Downing st. and politely asking Boris to step outside.

And another thing, why are the mosquitos the size of 747s this year? Covid is enough without Dengue fever wanting a spot in the limelight.


Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, much as I, too, love my Great White Feline Floofster -- I concede he's lacking street smarts. He hasn't entrapped himself in the bed linens on the bed, yet; however, he's enrolled himself in the goods in the linen closet more than once. And there was nothing tiny about his howls for immediate rescue.
I appreciate your vision of HRM using a sharpened sword to remedy the situation. One can picture her handing her bag to a lady in waiting... Wouldn't it be entertaining to listen in on her conversations with the Old Duke as they watch news on the telly? At least the !@#$ plague lockdown has given them some quiet, private time together.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even hear about Albo's crash.

Much as we complain about Oz, I would rather be here than anywhere else at the moment.

River said...

I have mosquitos in my garden, well that patch of green stuff that I call a garden. They're not jumbo jet sized, but what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. I'm thinking of buying a Hazmat suit just so I can get out there and water the plants.
I'm wondering just how long it will take to make America peaceful again. Too many believe in their right to riot.

JahTeh said...

Beth, he's had a bad time, huge full moon, fireworks and more coming up and me standing on his tail and his leg so that we were both limping. I hope your neighbourhood was quiet this last week. I caught a documentary today about the kkk, a lot of history I didn't know and I doubt most Americans don't.

Andrew, you're walking too much and draining your brain. The driver of the other car was a 17 year old and T-boned Albo's car. Not a word from the PM though asking if he was okay.

River, so stupid are the rioters that posting photos has had them put on the terrorist no fly list and they are furious. Let them walk.
I have a wheelbarrow outside and haven't checked it for water after the last storm so I'm guessing that's where the biting monsters are.